Tree Toile Belly Band


Looking for a way to band all of your paper pieces? Wrap your suite in a luxurious belly band of white or ivory paper, printed in your choice of pattern.

Belly Bands cannot be pre-folded or pre-scored, so your bands will arrive unfolded, measuring 2 x 11.

Monograms and Patterns are digitally printed in your ink color of choice from our color palette. Color of ink and color of paper will be selected on your personalization form.

Add belly bands to your invitation or announcement order, and they will arrive with your invitations for quick and easy assembly and mailing.

There are two ways to wrap our Belly Bands

1. Pair with our wax seals. To assemble, place the belly band behind the invitation so that it wraps around the front. Fold the left side so that it meets in the middle of the invitation. Fold the right side and allow the left to overlap it. Place your wax seal to hold your belly band in place.


2. Wrap and adhere behind the invitation. To assemble, wrap the belly band so that it connects and overlaps in the back. Then, use double stick tape or glue dots to secure the two ends of the bellyband together behind the invitation. You will not tape or glue the belly band to the actual invitation.

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