Current issues with paper mills, and high demand, are causing shortages. This has the potential to delay delivery times to our clients. We are working with our vendors to ensure that we are able to keep our paper in stock and ready for our clients. But shortages can be unpredictable, and we always want transparency in our relationships with clients. It is important to us that we let you, our client, know what is happening and that we keep you informed so you may plan accordingly.

Booking your pieces early will help give us cushion time in the event that paper or supplies needed for your order are delayed. We are strongly encouraging clients to book invitations 6-8 months in advance when possible. If you are able to book sooner than that timeframe, you are welcome to do so!

If you have any concerns at all about this, we would love for you to reach out! We can help answer any questions you may have. Email us at and we can talk through your order before it is placed.

Thank you, and we are so incredibly grateful for you.

The Empress Team